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The Lean Machine!
The Lighter Your Bike, the Faster You'll Race~ If you've spent big bucks on superlight bike, dont Blow It with a heavyweight seat!
Mini/Carbon: 6 oz. with 11" post. (Post too long? 5 oz. with 5.5" post)
Turbo/Carbon: 8oz./14"post.
Standard Uni-Posts are Fiberglass. You cant beat Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber seat posts! Will outlast steel or alloy posts at least 9 to 1. You're money ahead with UNI after one BMX endo!

Loser by 1/50 Sec.!
How many times have you 'Kicked the Dirt' because you lost by just 1/2 a wheel? Races are won and lost by only fractions of a second!
At 30MPH, you are traveling 44 feet every second! Loser by 1/2 a wheel? You lost by only 1/50th of a second! A blink of the eye!
When races are Won or Lost by only fractions of a second, every ounce of bike 'fat' you cut out is important! Switch to Uni-Seat! Be As Fast As You Really Are!

No.1 BMX Seats!
Over 1 million Uni-Seats were sold in the 80's. Uni-Seats are engineered for one purpose, to Get You the Checkered Flag! No seat comes close to Uni's 6oz & 8 oz.! Lightest & Toughest, Uni-Seats are Unbreakable! Uni gives you a 'Burst of Speed' when needed! Geting the Hole-shot, pulling the competition, taking the Checkered Flag! Its Your Race all the Way with UNI!


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